Don't you even think about it!

Note to self*:

Seriously, Internets. I mean it. If you don't stop flushing your mopheads, and if I catch you with that "ECT" anywhere near that toilet, so help me... I'm gonna...

*Photo courtesy the bathroom stall on one of the fine vessels in the Washington State Ferry fleet.



I'm down a reader today. But thankfully not permanently, and hopefully not for long.

Man of Iron is a very dear, very loyal friend. Many of you read about him when I was renovating my kitchen. I've always been so impressed at his tenacity for life--he lives it with incredible intensity and never does anything halfway.

I found out today that he was in a pretty bad cycling accident, and broke his femur. He had surgery today and will likely be in the hospital for the next few days.

Note to self: life is precious. Be thankful for each breath, each day.

Internets, please do your thing--whatever that may be, praying, meditating, running, hiking, singing, whatever--to send good vibes his way.

I know the road ahead may not always be fun, and it may have some interesting challenges, but you have the chance to see each day and face them. I'm so thankful for that. I'm thinking of you, friend.


LMNTs new personal ad

Disclaimer: I know that some of you saw the last post and thought, "finally!" Only to visit and then think, "Hey, that's not a real post, LMNT!" And I know it doesn't count as a real post (actually, I thought it was going to be a button on the side, but nope, it appeared as an actual post), but since you all have experienced a veritable drought from me, it was at least a little something to read, right?

Shameless plug before I get to the real post (yes, a real, actual, honest-to-goodness post from me): I'm training for the Dublin Marathon with Team in Training, and I'm committed to raising $6200 in the name of finding cures for blood-related cancers (leukemia, lymphoma, non-Hodgkins lymphoma, and myeloma). So many of us have been impacted by these terrible diseases, and because of the research of the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society, survival rates have increased significantly. If you want to help me fight this fight, you can visit my site here. I greatly appreciate it; every little bit helps.

Back to your irregularly scheduled post: I used to be a huge literophile. As a kid, I would devour books. I started with Beverly Cleary books (especially Ramona Quimby), and then came Laura Ingalls and her family's trek through the mid-west and plains in the Little House series. But my true reading love was Anne of Green Gables. Oh, how I loved her so. Maybe it was because she had auburn hair and I had an affinity for anyone with auburn hair (next to Anne, my greatest red-headed role models were Tiffany and Simone from "Head of the Class"). I loved reading and literature so much, I even majored in it in college.

It seems like these days the only reading I do is on the Internets. And maybe that's where we are heading in the future (although I may be the stubborn laggard who will fervently refuse to download books), but I'm certainly not reading literature on the Internets. Mostly it's Facebook status updates and celebrity gossip. Far cry from the adventures of Anne, Laura, or Ramona.

It also seems like these days whenever I make time to read--usually at the end of the day, right before I head to bed--I can barely get through 2-3 pages before I pass out face first into the book.

So here's my line of thinking:
1. I love reading.
2. I'm not reading.
3. I need to start reading again.

Deep, I know. I'm hoping if I approach this like I do to get back into the swing of other things (maybe this should be employed for blogging too? I'm just saying...), then I can get back into the habit. So the nerd who loves lists in me, is going to assemble a summer reading list and be able to call myself a literophile legitimately. Internets, hear my plea: BW (bookworm) seeks GBs (good books) for no-strings-attached Summer fling. What books do you consider fling-worthy? Help me assemble my list, won't you? Leave me your favorites and I'll get myself started.

And because I'm also a girl who needs a little structure and competition, I'm going to challenge myself to read 10 books by the end of summer. If only this were 1980s elementary school, I'd get a free pizza at Pizza Hut for that. Hmmmm.

Oh, the wheels they are a turnin' now!

Who else up for the 10 book challenge? If you are, (you can read 10 books of your own choosing), let me know and we'll most definitely have a "celebration of our nerdiness" at the end of summer (even if it's virtual). It's like a book club, only it's nothing like a book club. In fact, it's "LMNT's Extreme Book-It Reading Challenge for Grown-ups." Awwwww yeah, Pizza Hut just reentered the picture.


Knock, knock.

Who's there?

Little Ms. Notetaker.

Little Ms. Notetaker, who?


By now I think I have whittled my readership down to three people, and all three of you have made direct comments about my blog absence in the past 48 hours, so here I am. With what news or notes, I'm not too sure. But I'm here, sans muse.

I can't figure out why I haven't had the motivation to blog. Granted I don't have crazy dating stories to share, but random things are still happening to me, and I'm still taking notes, I'm just not getting them posted. Please bear with me, at some point I'll get back on track. In the mean time, check out Indian Thriller again. Because it's still really funny!