A Valentine's Day Aspiration

I realized something this morning. My grandparents were married for 72 years, my other grandparents have been married for around that long as well, and my parents have been married for 36 years. That's A LOT of Valentine's Days together (and when you really think about it, that's just a lot of normal days together, too. But given it's that oh-so-special Hallmark holiday today, we'll just go for the v-day count).

So, here's the realization: I've never had the same Valentine twice. Ever. That is fascinating to me. And in honor of cupid on his special day I'll go ahead and say this: I really want to break that streak with Mr. W.

I love him. And he loves me. And life is good. Here's to the first of hopefully many Hallmark holidays we spend together.


Anonymous said...

awww. it's your first year of posting something about mr. w that makes other people gag a little on valentine's day! i'm so glad to have been a part of this milestone. :) cheers!!!!

Anonymous said...

72 years? holy cow. that's incredible. that's longer than many people live! here's to duplication :)
coach a

pit girl said...

where's the dang like button?

pit girl said...

Here's to a LOT of Valentine's Days together!!!